Failure Analysis

SEAL Laboratories has the staff, equipment, and experience to determine the cause of failure in an accurate and timely fashion to prevent further failures and reduce your downtime. LEARN MORE →

Organic Analysis

Whether your need is for material identification, contaminant analysis, or solving molding/production problems, SEAL Labs can assist with your organic analysis needs. LEARN MORE →

Surface Analysis

SEAL Laboratories uses both ESCA and Auger analysis to evaluate the surface of products to find the answers to your problems. LEARN MORE →


The Metallurgy staff at SEAL Laboratories has extensive experience in solving metallurgical and materials problems. LEARN MORE →

Residual Gas Analysis

In addition to providing routine RGA analysis, SEAL Laboratories staff has the technical expertise to identify the origin of the "problem" internal gasses and provide corrective action on an as-needed basis. LEARN MORE →

Destructive Physical Analysis

DPA is performed at SEAL Laboratories on materials used in aerospace, commercial, military, and government applications. Our facilities are complete and DSCC certified for various MIL-STD testing requirements. LEARN MORE →

Legal Consulting

Providing both product liability and patent infringement litigation technical support for a wide range of products and industries. LEARN MORE →

Every Engineering Problem Has a Solution

SEAL Laboratories has extensive experience solving complex engineering and technical problems across the full range of industries and applications. SEAL has committed over 40 years solving problems, and as a result is today recognized as the leading independent materials analysis laboratory in the US.

Our dedicated staff of Ph.D. metallurgists and engineers includes experts in the fields of materials and metallurgical science, chemistry, electronics, failure analysis, analytical techniques such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) and Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA). The SEAL team consists of individuals who bring strong analytical skills to your project, and who develop new methods to meet your most demanding requirements.

Contact SEAL Laboratories today and allow us to demonstrate our ability to solve your problems.



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